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Public Improvement District Accounts

Public Improvement District (PID) portfolios identify properties located within the geographical boundaries of the PID, along with other important information such as property situs, name of the legal title owner, and the amount of assessments due for the current tax year.

Portfolios may be accessed by using the same login information, name and password, that is currently used to access daily and monthly reports. There is no limit to the number of accounts in the portfolio. Likewise, there is no limit on the number of times that a portfolio can be edited. Following each edit to the portfolio, a new SAVE ID Number is automatically generated and assigned to the portfolio. The final SAVE ID Number is used to identify the PID accounts that will be included in the certified load process. NOTE: PID Portfolios may only be edited through July 31. After July 31, no further adjustments or edits are allowed.

No later than July 31 of each year, governing bodies, through their PID Administrators, or other duly appointed representatives, must notify the Tax Office via email at TaxIT@DallasCounty.org, which email shall contain the following: (1) name of the PID, (2) the number of accounts in the PID, and (3) the final SAVE ID Number. This is the only method by which properties will be identified on the Tax Roll as being located within the PID.

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